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After You Die: Unveiling the Mysteries of Heaven by Frank Santora

After You Die: Unveiling the Mysteries of Heaven by Frank Santora

At a time when people’s curiosity about the afterlife is stronger than ever, Pastor Frank tackles this issue head-on, delivering cultural, scientific, philosophical, and biblical evidence to unveil the truth about the mysteries of the afterlife.

* Do heaven and hell exist?

* Is hell the torture chamber that it’s been purported to be?

* Are there second chances after we die?

Written for both nonbelievers and those familiar with the Bible, After You Die gives insightful answers to life’s most probing questions while offering hope to everyone who has ever wondered what happens to us after we leave earth.

  • After You Die Book

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Book: Turn it Around: A Different Direction for a New Life

Book: Turn it Around: A Different Direction for a New Life

With clarity and vision, Frank Santora presents the message that God can still bring meaning and purpose out of your life, even when insurmountable circumstances and difficult situations seem to be making your life spiral out of control. Pastor Frank reveals seven pathways for turning your life around with chapters such as:

  • Changing Direction When You're Headed Down the Wrong Road
  • Making Things Right When You've Totally Blown it
  • Regaining Confidence When No One Believes in You
  • Finding Your Way Back When You've Walked Away From God
  • Regaining Life's Composure When Things are Out of Your Control
  • Finding a Way Out When You Feel Trapped

Affirming the importance and worth of each reader, Pastor Frank shows readers how God can turn around even the must difficult life situations.

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Lynfit Pack

Lynfit Pack

This package includes a supply of Complete Protein Shakes, and the Cutting Edge and Carb Edge supplements to boost your metabolism.

Lisa Lynn developed these products after 25 years of devoted practice to the fields of health and wellness. Pastor Frank has been using these products to maintain his weight loss. Lisa also leads an exercise and motivational group which meets on Wednesdays at 6pm.

Check out Pastor Frank's Spiritual Fit Pack.

  • LynFit Pack

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Spiritual Fit Pack

Spiritual Fit Pack

Get into great spiritual shape with our Spiritual Fit Pack which includes:

Turn it Around Hardcover book

The New Normal sermon series on CD

The Sun Stands Still sermon series on CD

  • 10 CDs -Spiritual Fit Pack

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